Stories of Engineering Work

What do engineers do?

How is engineering different from science?

These stories were developed by interviewing real-world engineers who work for private companies (large and small) as well as research laboratories (private and public). They highlight key characteristics of the engineers’ work and illustrate how engineering is related to, but different from, science.

Included with each story is a companion guide that provides suggestions for how the story could be used as part of a high school science class. The companion guides also include additional information about the science and engineering concepts that appear in the stories.

Story (Word)

Story (pdf)

Companion Guide

These resources were created by Jacob Pleasants ( with the support of a College of Education Summer Faculty Research Grant. Assisting in the development of the stories were David Powell and Claudia Colonnello Olivares

Additional Resources

Here is a link to a pre-assessment and a post-assessment that you can use with the stories. Make a copy of these forms!

Questions to assist in making sense of stories

Vignettes of science/engineering instruction. To what extent do the activities described in these vignettes reflect science/engineering?

Elementary Version

Secondary Version